CrossFlow collects and processes packets in real-time by high-efficient engine.

Fully leveraging network packet, CrossFlow quickly summaries IT services to construct service path view,refines valuable indicators, and provides performance analysis and troubleshooting automatically.

Smart Probe: Automatically recognize server network interface card and check port status. Flexibly choose Ethernet port as packet capture port.

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Application Discovery

Network Performance Manager 3

— Central Dashboard

  • Different dashboards distinguished by network or application layer can meet different needs.
  • Real-time central dashboard presents an overview of general status of network.
  • Link dashboard, device dashboard, and service path dashboard respectively reflect running statuses of these three kinds of important assets in network.
  • Statistic data is updated in real time, instant alert is directly raised, and analysis is performed accordingly.

— Real-time Views

  • Exclusive views for important links, key devices and core service paths.
  • Service path view provides end-to-end user experience measurement.
  • Be capable of backtracing analysis at the highest granularity of 1 second.
  • Real-time statistics is updated every 15 minutes.

— Auto-Discovery

  • Automatically discover well-known and private applications and quickly increase visible coverage traffic.
  • Automatically discover access and dependency among application components, and provide snapshot and comparison functions which quickly present access relations in different conditions such as during operation, before or after changing.

— Smart Alert

  • Provide simulator to optimize parameters and define accurate baselines and alerts.
  • Graphical alert records provided. The warning position and continuous range are marked on the panel where an alert has been activated.

— Report

  • Instant report generates a summary of the whole analysis procedure and allows users to add comments.
  • Scheduled report generates reports at a regular time by customizing in terms of content and period. Online browsing and drilldown to corresponding views are supported.

— Distributed Architecture

  • Data capture, decoding, storage are independent to central management platform, and can be managed in one-to-many.
  • NPM servers can be distributed deployed among multiple datacenters, which ensures flexible connectivity, centralized presentation and management.
  • Easy to extend. Distributed architecture is applicable to multiple datacenters or datacenter-to-branch.

Service Path View Discovery

— Auto-Discovery Network Service Path

  • IP Discovery: Auto-present the IP connection relations among application components and delivery devices with network data generated by application components.
  • Port Discovery: Present TCP conversation data in summary and digest so that the service ports can be identified instantaneously and the service access relations can be quickly established.

— Auto-Discovery

  • According to IP address chart, connections among application components and delivery devices can be present by only one click.
  • Auto-compare IP address chart records with actual network flow, discover their true reliance and find incompleteness and errors in file.

— Searching and Locating

  • Rapidly find target data by searching through IP address, device number and service port number.
  • Directly locate relating service component, port and client in service path view, present access relations of target data.

— Service Path View Snapshot

  • Establish archives of service path views and improve the quick search for access dependency among application components and delivery devices.
  • Update data sources, quickly find changes of service path and access dependency in different situations such as during operating, after changing, within system integrating etc.

— Checking Data Source Availability

  • Auto-check the availability of mirror data, including incomplete TCP conversations and duplicated mirror data.
  • Auto-discover TCP connection modes, recognize synchronous and asynchronous protocol, and provide adequate information to assist in differentiating between TCP short connection and long connection.

— Application Layer Protocol Recognizing

  • Auto-recognize application layer protocols used by various components. (CrossFlow BPC is compatible with protocol decoding)

— Trace File Sample Export

  • Auto-filter and export communication packets among specific application components.
  • Export communication packets among all application components, archive packets according to the mode of application access relation established.

Business Performance Center

— Transaction Tracking

  • Support interface search over fields including time, IP, transaction type, return code, optional fields; also support correlative searching in multi-dimensional statistics view.
  • Show details of each single transaction in a single component, including transaction keywords (e.g. sequence number, optional), transaction time, transaction outcome, return code, and other more information.
  • Support multi-tier correlation in heterogeneous structure. Automatically correlate multi-tier transaction records and distinguish time consumption of a transaction in each component to expose the bottleneck of performance.
  • Provide tracking and analysis of single keyword; present intact transaction actions and processing details of each transaction.

— Smart Alert

  • Configurable fault diagnosis logic improves flexibility of alert model, which can be configured according to actual service mode and applied to multiple scenarios.
  • Automatically generate reference baseline from historical data.
  • Support composite indicator alert of threshold value and duration; support alert by comparison of baselines.
  • Fault detecting function marks the application component raising the alert and automatically locates the root cause.
  • Alert center provides alert filtering by warning level, service, interface, and also supports sending alert to third-party platform.

— WYSIWYG Configuration

  • In the WYSISWYG configuration interface, application components are easily combined to establish a service path view.
  • Provide general components and modules; adaptively configure component properties and performance indicators as required.

— SPV Discovery

  • Automatically show IP connection of monitored network packets and quickly establish logical access relations among application components.
  • Provide accurate data defined by SPV for BPC as well as application layer protocol information.

— Smart Probe

  • Automatically identify server network interface card and check interface status.
  • Flexibly choose Ethernet port as packet capture interface.

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